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Whale Tales

We are posting, for your reading and enjoyment, past articles that have appeared in aviation publications, and first hand accounts of experiences while flying and serving with the A-3 Skywarrior. These will be sanctioned and controlled by the A-3 Association. If you would like to submit a story for public consumption please contact us.

"White Shirts"

from ANA Wings of Gold

by LCDR John A. Williams, USN (Ret.)


"Bombs Away"

Submitted by Jerry Adams


"Bombing a Russian Trawler"


"HMS Navy takes a shot at VAQ-33"


"All in a Days Work"

Submitted by Ronald DeSantis



Submitted by Chuck Huber


"What a Drag!"

Submitted by Bill Metzger


"Dump, Barf, Slide Flight"

Submitted by Roger Eidenschink


"Quick Turnaround"

Submitted by Nick Nickerson


"My Night with Mae West"

The real story of 142236.

Submitted by Frank Cogdell.


"How Not to Do It!"

Submitted by Vic Kretsinger as found in Approach magazine


"...Then the Fun Began"

Submitted by Vic Kretsinger as found in Approach magazine


"Rocket Hits EA-3B in DaNang"

Photos submitted by Roger Sharrer and text by T.J. Wiley


"The Purple Bullet Legend"

Submitted by L.J. "Jack" Stevenson, LCDR USN (ret) AKA Speedo.
This is Jack's account of how he became known as being a little, shall we say 'intense'.


"Close Shave II"

Submitted by CDR Jim Newcomb USN RET.

This is Jim's first hand account of a VAH-4 Det Bravo Skywarrior's (BuNo 138966) narrow escape after a broken 2 wire trap aboard the USS Ticonderoga.


"Bomb Scoring Unit"

Submitted by TD2 Kenneth Minick of the NAF Naples Radar Bomb Scoring Unit.

Editors note: This is a piece of history and mentions the "Hoot Owls" of VAH-9.


"No Wonder They Called It a Whale"

by Gil Bouffard

Not a 'tale' but coverage of the VQ-5 Disestablishment ceremony at NAS North Island, Ca. on June 4, 1999.


"April Evening"

Reprinted from Jan. 69 issue of Approach magazine.

Author: Unknown

This event occurred on April 8, 1968 during carquals off San Diego aboard USS Constellation, CVA-64, in preparation for Wespac deployment of VAW-13 Det 64, later to become VAQ-133.


"Close Shave"

An account from the Assoc. of Naval Aviators "The best of Gramps"

Author: Unknown

This article was submitted by 'Ole Whaler' Vic Kretsinger. If any whalers out there have a knowledge of this event, we are interested in the date, squadron, crew, BuNo and more details. Please contact us!


"Hey, Don't Forget Us Army Guys"

Written by: Gil (Buffy) Bouffard, SFC (E-7) U.S. Army 59-80 (retired).

Gil earned his Navy Aircrew wings and flew in EA-3Bs with VQ-1 (68-70), as a signals collection operator/analyst, out of Atsugi, Japan. He now resides in Lathrop, Ca. Submitted to Hook magazine 1987. 8/8/98


"Wake for the Whale"

Author: LCdr. Rick Burgess

Portions reprinted with permission from Naval Aviation News Nov/Dec 1991 issue. This article reports the events of the A-3 Skywarrior's retirement ceremony on Sept. 27, 1991 at NAS Key West, Fl. 6/28/98


"We Are Leaving The Aircraft"

Articles reprinted from Approach Magazine 1961 and USS Ranger's newspaper reporting an onboard fire and bailout of an A-3B's crew. After the crew of 3 bailout, the pilot determines the fire to be out and traps aboard Ranger with no crew and no problems on July 6, 1961.

Author: Unknown



"A Wounded Whale That Took A Dive"

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