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Patriot's Point
A-3 Skywarrior

Restoration Project

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146457 parked pierside at Chambers Field, Norfolk, VA. awaiting a lift to Charleston Harbor for transfer to the USS Hornet. The A-3 Assoc. representative handling operations locally is Al Gallotta, Jr. RADM USN Ret.

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EA-3B, 146457, is currently setting in Norfolk, Va. after being returned to the states from Rota, Spain. It was earmarked for delivery to the USS Alabama museum in Mobile, Al. It has been reassigned to Patriots Point Museum in the Charleston's harbor. Helen Watson, loan manager for the National Museum of Naval Aviation, and controller for all navy aircraft museum inventory, made the arrangements and received permissions from both parties to facilitate the redirection of 146457. The A-3 Skywarrior Assn. was consulted and although the final decision rested with them, we concurred and will help bring this aircraft to Patriots Point where it will be displayed proudly.

The Battleship USS Alabama is now assigned the second flyable A-3 from Raytheon when those aircraft are scheduled for release. Any funds remaining after 146457 is in Charleston will be applied towards relocating the next assigned A-3 to Mobile.


September 2011

According to Richard Caldwell N32 at COMSEALOGLANT the transfer of EA-3B 146457 is scheduled to take place from June 28 to July 1, 2010 as follows:

  • USNS Seay is scheduled to arrive in Norfolk June 28

  • On load 146457 on June 28, and depart for Charleston June 29.

  • Arrive in Charleston July 1 and berth at the Detyens Shipyard.

  • Off load 146457 to a barge and transfer to USS Yorktown

This report from A.A. Gallotta, our man on the ground and in charge of oversight.

June 2010

146457 shown being loaded on board the USNS Seay. It is now tied down aboard the Seay and is scheduled to arrive in Charleston on July 1 to be offloaded and transferred to the Yorktown shortly thereafter.

Mission Accomplished

146457 now aboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston, N.C.

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