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Mission Statement

To place an A-3 Skywarrior aircraft on static display at the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, as a memorial to those who flew it, those who perished, and those who provided support for the aircraft and its missions. The A-3 and its crews shall not be forgotten.

January 2011

The Whidbey Island A-3 Memorial project has designated NRA-3B 144825 as their 1st choice. This release is expected from Raytheon sometime around May 2010.

Below are links to the Whidbey Times and some stories covering events up to the latest develpments.

Janury 2011

September 2011

Just a heads up for those following the Whidbey Whale project.
We received the RA "bullnose" radome and the bomber "duckbutt" tail from Raytheon via Mike Glenn last week.

Today we had a meeting with NAS, the Whidbey Skywarrior project board and assorted civilian and military volunteers.

The meeting was productive, AM2 Fielding of VQ-2 volunteered to be the lead of the restoration project.

We hashed out the plan of attack, strip the bomber tail and fix the damage done when it was removed from the A-3 at Van Nuys, repaint the RA nose radome from the low viz tactical gray to the gloss gray of the current paint job and install it, remove the conduit run fairing on the right side and remove the wing pylons.

In addition the plane was pressure defueled today, next up will be pencil draining the low points and possibly disconnecting and draining the engine fuel lines.

We would like to thank Raytheon, Ken Ballard of NAVAIR, Helen Watson of the Navy museum in Pensacola, the CO of NAS Whidbey, Captain Jay Johnston, the NASWI air field Manager Bill McMillon, Lt Tom Amano of the NASWI Air Terminal and Doss Aviation for their help in this project.

Send your thoughts or send money. ;-)
Joe Hawkins

September 2011

March 2012

In anticipation of the VQ-2 deactivation ceremony, the A-3 is being used as a Skywarrior representative of that era of their proud history.


The ceremony is set for:

17 May 2012

1000 hrs.
Hanger 6, NAS Whidbey Island

March 2012

September 2015

Photos of the move from the base to the memorial site are below.

Photos kindly taken and provided by Joe Hawkins Sept. 29, 2015

September 2015

November 2015

Project Progress and New Location and Memorial Design Photos.