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Well folks, here we go again. The last whale chat function that we used for guests and members to use as a spot to put up comments, hunt for shipmates, or tell stories has gone "no longer supported". It had been up for almost 7 years now and had 525 comments and 86,528 views. It was a third party entity while the page you are currently looking at is a resource provided by our current internet service provider.

We hope you will use it. You will notice that after you post a comment you will see a security feature that is designed to eliminate or at least cut down on the spam postings that I'm sure you've seen from time to time. Related to that, your post will not appear until it has been "approved". That will take just a second as soon as one of us gets the notice and clicks to approved button.

If you posted something on the former page and are awaiting a responce from someone or hoping for an answer, go ahead and repost here to get things started again.

Thanks for your patience and participation in the A-3 community.

1 comment

1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 07

Great decision, great execution, and going forward... I am Great-full to be a life time member experiencing this wonderful upgrade to our historic accounting of our service. Thank you to all involved.

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