Below are some samples of what we have available at the present time. Some are in limited supply. Click on the above link to print and mail if you want to order.

  • E-MANUALS: a complete set of NavAir manuals in pdf format on a USB drive
  • COMMEMORATIVE POSTER: commissioned and printed for our First Flight 50th Anniversary. Suitable for framing.
  • DVD: Compiled footage of the first flight, Jet bombers go to sea, the 50th reinactment, Vietnam, Desert Storm and others.

A-3 Skywarrior Models
If you are interested in building or purchasing a model of an A-3
Skywarrior, we would suggest that you look at the alternatives listed
below. They vary in price and complexity, from do-it-yourself to a
customized build by the pros. 

http://www.griffinaerospace.com - This is the Griffin Aerospace
website, they have built a lot of customized A-3 models over the
years for members of the A-3 Association. The models take up
to six months to receive because they are customized and built in
the Philippines. They run about $175.

www.12oclockhigh.com/index.html- This is the 12 O’clock High
website. They have several A-3’s in stock and look like they are
competitive with Griffin Aerospace.

www.collectaire.com - This website has changed, but if you go there
and inquire about custom models, they might be able to help you out.

www.ebay.com/ - Last but not least is eBay where you
can always find a scaled down version of the Philippine models
for about $50. Also on eBay they sell the Revelle and Hasegawa
models that need to be assembled. To find these models just
search on "skywarrior"