A-3 Skywarrior Models
If you are interested in building or purchasing a model of an A-3
Skywarrior, we would suggest that you look at the alternatives listed
below. They vary in price and complexity, from do-it-yourself to a
customized build by the pros. 

http://www.griffinaerospace.com - This is the Griffin Aerospace
website, they have built a lot of customized A-3 models over the
years for members of the A-3 Association. The models take up
to six months to receive because they are customized and built in
the Philippines. They run about $175.

www.12oclockhigh.com/index.html- This is the 12 O’clock High
website. They have several A-3’s in stock and look like they are
competitive with Griffin Aerospace.

www.collectaire.com - This website has changed, but if you go there
and inquire about custom models, they might be able to help you out.

www.ebay.com/ - Last but not least is eBay where you
can always find a scaled down version of the Philippine models
for about $50. Also on eBay they sell the Revelle and Hasegawa
models that need to be assembled. To find these models just
search on "skywarrior"