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Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on June 18, 2018
Can Any-ONE give me a diagram of how the Hose & Drogue work. It's a Ulta Highly top Secret. I cant get any-one to Produce one. Manufacture or Military. You'ld think that it wouldn't be that Secret after all these years. Remember the Banjos had it in 1956, and lots of aircraft have been lost to our Enemy's since then. WHALES FOREVER
Posted by Sheldon McCormick on May 29, 2018
Can any one tell me the date that VAQ 135 Det 4 Was formed?
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on May 21, 2018
Whalers that can't get enough videos of the A3Ds. Look up this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwZranem490. Other Whale videos there. Any 5659 SeaDragons out there???
Posted by Frank Cogdell on May 20, 2018
Ken McClelland,the RA5-C flew in a number of RVAH squadrons. RVAH 3 in Sanford was the RAG and RVAH5 was the first to deploy. there were many more. See: http://www.joebaugher.com/usattack/newa5_4.html
Posted by Ken McClelland on May 19, 2018
I was in VAH 10 from 61 to 65. The reason I was there was because a test pilot from North American told me that the Vigilanti was going to be abandoned by the Navy as a bomber and used as a photo aircraft only. They could not get the rear exit bombing system to work. One of the articles in a VAH website said that the Vigilanti had replaced the A3D in the late 60s in some squadrons. Any truth to that.
Posted by Kent Queman on April 27, 2018
Victor, I remember the milk/bread runs to Gitmo. My experience was during the Independence shakedown in the spring of 1959. Milk and bread was only half the story. I was in Heavy 1 and we were put on the beach at Gitmo for the first few weeks. We had a daily run to Sanford. We carried cheap booze to Sanford and returned with the bombay loaded with milk and bread for the locals stationed in Gitmo. Fresh bread and wilk was a rare commodity in the day. Incidentally, there was no profit involved.
Posted by Scott Meiner on March 7, 2018
John Gross:. Please contact me at meinergl@olypen.com. Scott Meiner
Posted by Scott Meiner on March 7, 2018
To John Gross:. Please contact me at meinergl@olypen.com. Scott Meiner
Posted by John Gross on February 15, 2018
Scott Meiner, the system we used was the A S B-1A. The -7 was the solid state system that at that time was used by only VAH-2. John Gross, AQB2
Posted by Gibert "Buck" Hartley on January 29, 2018
I am trying to find people who served with my Father Gilbert L. " Buck" Hartley in VAQ-133 Det 5 on the Kitty Hawk 1970-71 and Vaq 135 Det 5 on Hancock 1971-1973. The Names of those that he remembered are Sorandos, Worblewski , Jennings, Im sure there were other who may remember him. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Gilbert E. Hartley Battalion Chief - Wellston Fire Dept. 740-418-6473 ghartley@roadrunner.com
Posted by Grant Scott Meiner on January 29, 2018
Does anyone know the film size for the camera in the ASB-7, or where I can look to find out? Thanks, Grant "Scotty" Meiner
Posted by Ken Peterson on January 8, 2018
On Nov. 4, 1960 I Have 11 traps and 12 Catapults in A3D-2 buno 142255 with three pilots hot-seating in VAH-6. Is that a record? I was G/N flying right seat.
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on December 24, 2017
Any-one remember the Milk/Bread runs to Gitmo??? MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Early WHALERS (56/59)
Posted by John L. Gross on September 10, 2017
Frank, My current address, etc: John Gross 13741 Raceway Drive Northlake, TX 76262 (682) 234-0845 My email is currently inoperable.
Posted by KRETSINGER. Victor H. on July 28, 2017
Whale Reading. Check this out http://thanlont.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2013-07-28T21:07:00-04:00&max-results=7&start=35&by-date=false
Posted by Frank Cogdell on April 10, 2017
I mailed the life membership packets on January 9, 2017. Sixteen have been returned and of these I found new addresses for eleven of them. The other five are listed below so if anyone know new addresses for them please email me so I can resend them. I’ve tried emailing them all. Frank Cogdell fjcogdell@cox.net Mike Colehour, 6434 Maeve Ln, Rockford, IL 61107 Tom Brennan, PSC 819 Box 2002, FPO AE 09654-2001 Ronald Bolt, 1548 Reno View Drive, Reno, NV 89503 Tom Fender,509 Blass Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 Charles Gore PO Box 189, Rough & Ready CA 95975
Posted by Joe Matot on April 29, 2016
I need some help on the details of an incident on board USS Midway in the '71 - '73 time frame. I was watching from the PLAT camera station on the island, so I KNOW it happened. But I can't find any documentation on the net. It involved an A3 (Whale) from VAQ 130, call sign "Robbie 611" (I think the 611 is correct) For whatever reason, the pilot failed to place the landing gear handle in the "Down" position. He DID get the hook down. Other than wheels, it was one of the smoothest landings I ever saw for a whale. They hooked up an APU, lifted the plane with Tillie (tilly?), and lowered the gear as usual. Scuttelebut says the pilot lost his wings. Does ANYBODY have ANY further info on this incident? Dave
Posted by Frank Cogdell on March 9, 2016
Jay Fitzgerald's membership packet has been returned. He renewed in December 2015 so we should have had a current address; I mailed his packet to 25 Denbra Dr, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Please email if you have any info regard him, thanks
Posted by Frank cogdell on January 31, 2016
The membership packet of John Gross, 5304 Archer Dr, Fort Worth, TX has been returned. Please email me if you know of his new address, thanks
Posted by Frank Cogdell on January 21, 2016
correction on John Day address. Anyone know his current location? John Day 10917 Harness Ct Indianapolis IN
Posted by Frank Cogdell on January 21, 2016
Five life member's packets have been returned. Please email me if you know the address of any of them, thanks, John Day, 0917 Harness Ct, Indianapolis IN Walter Lane, 11774 Lake Aston Ct, Tampa FL Donald Pierce, 2805 W Horatio St, Tampa FL William Talunas, 32000 Foxmoor Ct, Westlake Village, CA Floyd Weaver, 12168 Moorestown RD SE Fife Lake, MI
Posted by Richard Ousey on December 23, 2015
In VQ2 from 1970 - 1973. Need information on A3 and P3 airframes assigned during that period which had also been used in Viet Nam at any time. I am a member of the A3 assoc, but am having trouble with my PC storage at moment. Would appreciate any help avail. R. Ousey CTCS AC/SS
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on December 9, 2015
Web page with tons of A3D photos. https://www.google.com/search?q=Douglas+A3D+Skywarrior&espv=2&biw=1600&bih=809&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CIkBEIkeahUKEwjO-5yYiM3IAhUFmh4KHS_PAB0&dpr=1#imgrc=_
Posted by Laurie Warren on October 24, 2015
My dad was Commander Skeen. I see two comments concerning his accident. I have done research and attended a few reunions, as well as obtaining the accident report, etc. If any interest still, please let me know. Perhaps I can help. Laurie Warren
Posted by Marv Stewart on August 31, 2015
Dave Mason, George Mazur has what you need. Call him at 386-447-4481 or email me back and I'll put you in touch. He doesn't do computers!!
Posted by george a mazur on August 29, 2015
got wat u need call 1 386 447 4481 dav massion george w
Posted by George A. Mazur on August 28, 2015
I have what you want I don't do emails.Call me at 386-447-4481 I have what you want.Thanks George.
Posted by David Mason on August 26, 2015
My wife has finally allowed me to have an "I Love Me" wall. Does anyone have a VAH-4 wall plaque they no longer want or use?
Posted by Bill B on August 6, 2015
Hi, I'm in the process of building a radio-controlled model of the A-3. While corresponding with others on a RC forum, one member had the following comment" "Yep, that little kick up lip is a spoiler. In the use here I'm sure that it is down and smooth for the first portion of the flap deployment where it would be set for takeoff. Only at full flap for landing would the spoiler come up. And even then it may only come up upon touchdown. I'm actually a bit surprised to see it on a navy plane since they need the ability to bolt if they miss the wire. A spoiler would kill some of the lift right when it's most needed if it's up at that point." Would anyone care to comment about this observation? Thanks, Bill
Posted by Edmond Boyer on July 22, 2015
I was with VAH-4 from 1964 till 9/1966.We did a Med cruise on the CVA-62.At the time I was 19.Got to see the world and had a great time.
Posted by Warren Luck on July 15, 2015
Had lunch with "Puckett" the other day. His arms are still sore from the long swim. W. Luck VAH-2 1961-64
Posted by Ski Grumboski on June 22, 2015
I was an AQB2 in VAH-13 and RVAH-13 from 63 through 66. A group of us meet every two years for a reunion. We are looking for a picture of the ASB-1 bombing computer for our reunion. Might you know anyone willing to share a copy with us? Cheers, Ski Grumboski
Posted by Mike Fuller AQ2 on June 19, 2015
Why do they allow the displayed Skywarriors to sag, with their main gear doors drooping, squatting on their haunches - their oleos deflated and their tails dragging the ground. The aircraft were after all birds of prey, not some droopy and defeated old bird. They were birds of prey, WARRIORS, aggressors, leaning forward in the foxhole as it were. Looking at them in their current condition makes me feel my age.
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on May 20, 2015
What year and what country. Was VAH-5 going to when they lost their origional LOGO????
Posted by Tammy on May 12, 2015
I have a large wooden A3D model/wind tunnel model for sale if anyone is interested. Its a 5x5, large and heavy with the Navy stickers on it and chains to hang it up. Talked to a few of you some years back and it looks like one you have on this site. Call me if you have any interest. I'm located in Rhode Island. 401-345-1300
Posted by Joe Haggard on April 14, 2015
For Louis Simons concerning his request for info on CDR Skeen's accident in 1970 . . . I was the safety officer then and did the report. I regret that there isn't much to tell. They went down in the water enroute to Danang. No mayday call. McNally's body was recovered. Others were not. Cause of the accident was undetermined. Email me at jackye11@yahoo.com. Joe Haggard
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on April 6, 2015
Want to go down memorylane with Family and Friends. Go to http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/education/virtual- tour/?pano=MUSEUM/COCKPITS/A3D
Posted by "Rob" Lyles on April 5, 2015
Looking for any information on Raymond F. Murphy. He was Aircrew at Heavy 2 at least during my tour in 66-68. I would like to talk to him.
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on March 27, 2015
Just finished the "Osprey" book on the A3's in Viet Nam. For those of you who were there this book is Grest. Lots of historical information.
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on March 26, 2015
Just finished the book. Very informational for some one who wasn't there.
Posted by Vic Kretsinger on March 20, 2015
ALL HANDS "Osprey Publications" has a new book coming out late March. "A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Viet Nam War
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on March 19, 2015
HALL HANDS "Osprey Publications" has a new book coming out late March. "A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Viet Nam War"
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on March 17, 2015
ALL HANDS "Osprey" publications is issueing a new book this march. "A-2 Skywarrion Units of the Viet Nam War. Due out about 24 Mar. I ordered one from "Banres @ Noble" (local book store)
Posted by Richard (Dick) Jones on February 15, 2015
Just saw the new format, looks good. Just wondered if anyone remembers me from VQ-2 Rota, 1962 thru 1965. Flew a lot with Lcdr.Dave Caswell in whales. Also had short tour with VAQ132 on the USS America in `69.
Posted by Jim Carter on February 12, 2015
Need to have all members in the Pensacola area to check out the Naval Air Museum and volunteer. They have a cockpit and forward section of the fuselage of an RA-3B and need volunteers to help restore it. Good chance to get out of the house and do something worthwhile. Have a beer at the Cubi bar after work too. Cheers
Posted by Richard Bauer on February 11, 2015
VAK-208 Hello all! Been a member for a few years. Lead a team working on nose of 147657 at Kalamazoo Air Zoo. Team has high school and college kids. Everyone who goes aboard says they "love" it--no one knew about A3s before. My Father was Lt/LtCdr "Dick" Bauer in VAH-7 (AJs, Randoo Maru) and VAH-3 (support/ground instruction). Lived under the turn to base for FCLPs at Sanford in Pinecrest. 657 was last with VAK-208. Trying to preserve the paint/markings as much as possible. Testing auto vinyl adhesive on tears in Sq insignia decals. Last week finished painting nose number (522), half of anti-glare, and the NOUC ribbon on right side. Sanding right side to remove AMARC overspray and some kind of overall cover. Started on left ribbon but found parts of crew names. I'd like to find out what those names might be. Also more of history of 657 with 208. I'm going through web references and cruise books to find more history--so far have parts of time with VAH-6 (Ranger), VAH-2 (Ranger), and VAH-10 (Coral Sea). A number of Association guys have helped and given info which puts 657 with Oriskany in 70 and Connie 71-72 with VAQ-130. So we're looking for info for those deployments and the gaps. We're curious about lots of details like whether it was built with guns, when the IFR boom was added, dates to KA, EKA, back to KA and lots more. Note that this means we're getting related info identified too like who was where when on what ship etc. Please let me know what info you have, maybe post it here for everyone. Thanks! Rich (in name only).
Posted by Howard Kritzberger on February 5, 2015
Any Heavy One Tigers out there for 1960-1963 I was an ADJ-2 in P/P Shop making 3 Med Cruises on USS Independence CVA-62
Posted by Frank Cogdell, A3 Assn secretary on January 22, 2015
The life member packets I sent to William Buck, Corpus Christi, TX and Richard Whaleb, Staten Island, NY were returned with no forwarding address. Thanks Frank
Posted by Pawel Mroczkowski on January 20, 2015
Good day, my name is Pawel Mroczkowski and I am a modeller from Poland. Currently I'm researching for my model of the EKA-3B. I plan to build it to represent BuNo 142403 wearing the colours of the VAQ-131 - NH 615, the Tanker Five of the CVW-11 stationed on the deck of the USS Kitty Hawk from December 1968 to September 1969. Does anybody know what the names of the crew could have been written on the aircraft? I like to include accurate details in my models. I've got two photos of that machine - one by Clay Jansson, one by John Calhoun III. Thanks a lot for your time, and have a nice day - Pawel
Posted by Frank Cogdell, A3 Assn secretary on January 18, 2015
Regrettably I learned from Barbara Dinger that Harlan "Mike" Dinger made his last cut on September 20, 2014. He was a BN with Heavy Four.
Posted by Frank Cogdell, A3 Assn secretary on January 18, 2015
The packet I sent to William Ross Jr., a life member was returned with no forwarding address. His last known address was Ft. Meyers, FL. Please email me if any one knows his status. Thanks Frank
Posted by Gary Higgins on January 13, 2015
I am trying to find anyone who has information to verify that Army Crewman Keith Blackey was shot down in an A-3 over North Vietnam in September of 1968 and taken POW for 72 hrs before being rescued by Marines. Please let me know we are trying to help him with his records. Also to see if it is true! Thank You Gary Higgins President Steve Warren Chapter 464 Vietnam Veterans of America
Posted by Will Haney on January 7, 2015
Larry Ardelean, now that name takes me back a few years. When I see that name, I think of a blue 67 Camero with a 396 cu in engine. Hope all is well Larry, good to see you on here.
Posted by Louis Simons on December 28, 2014
On behalf of the relatives of Gene Mcnally who was a B/N in Heavy 4, then VAQ-135, I am looking for some info on his crash with CDR Skeen on May 16,1970 while operating off the Coral Sea. The story they got leaves a lot unanswered. i was a good friend of Gene, left the Navy after surviving VAH-8, a nightmare compared to my tour with 13.
Posted by Larry Ardelean Amh2 on December 20, 2014
Vah123 67 to 69. check crew. Vaq133 67 to 70 a/f flightdeck trouble shooter just sayin HI.
Posted by Larry Ardelean Amh2 on December 19, 2014
Vah123 check crew 67 to 69. just sayin HI
Posted by Frank Cogdell on August 20, 2014
Elissa, the website has a roster, check it out. And while you are there you we see the next reunion is Oct. 1-4 in Fort Worth, your part of the country Frank Cogdell A3skywarrior Assn. Secretary
Posted by Elissa Shaw on August 7, 2014
I'm here for my father, Britt Villines who flew as an Air Crewman for VAH-10 off the USS Constellation in 1969-1970. For decades I've heard stories of this time in his life. Took him to see Connie last month before she departs for the torches in Texas. He's very much interested in connecting with old squadron members. He's in Texas!
Posted by Nick Nickerson on May 25, 2014
I went to a funeral Friday. An American hero died last week. I guess lucky for him, he died of old age. Instead of what happened to his squadron mates, close friends, and the other half of his team in the cockpit on that fateful day. But what he endured for five and a half years in solitary confinement under torturous conditions, he could have died many deaths, except for his inner strength and a firm belief in his God. I remember those underlying strengths in Bob when we flew together way back when. Of course, we were in our twenties then, and had other things on our minds. As my bombardier/navigator, he kept me out of trouble that I always seemed prone to risk. He had me covered whether in the air, or standing six foot plus, on the beach while we investigated Thieves' Alley in Yokosuka, Olongapo in the P.I.,, or the back streets of Hong Kong and Kowloon. And then I got the news that Bob had flown West. I bought a round trip ticket to Pensacola for Thursday, the day before the memorial service and funeral. The visitation and memorial service was for 0915 to 1015. I arrived at 0815. I had forgotten to reset my watch to Central Time. I cooled my heels for the next hour until other attendees began to arrive. I was hoping to see mutual friends of Bob and I from back in our time period, but fifty years had changed our features, and I didn’t see anyone I could recognize. The Service was very moving, taking place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, downtown. It was packed. The highlight came when a woman sang “Ave Marie” in the most magnificent voice I’ve ever heard. Then we joined a very long procession of automobiles for the journey to the burial grounds. The chain of cars proceeded out Barrancas Avenue, then unto Navy Boulevard, into the Naval Air Station. I was immensely impressed how the automobiles driving in the opposite direction came to a complete stop out of respect for the procession, and people along the sidewalks stopping, facing us, some with their hands over their hearts, and others saluting as we passed. We arrived at the Barrancas National Cemetery. There, a cadence of military personnel attended the Ceremony as a 21 gun salute was fired, then a bugler played taps. A section of T-45 Goshawks flew overhead from the Squadron that Bob had last commanded. The Ceremony ended as the American flag that had draped the coffin was folded and presented to Kathy Flynn, Bob’s wife. God blessed Robert Flynn.
Posted by DJ Stern on May 23, 2014
Sorry Brian, in my last post I spelled your name wrong. Many thanks to Brian O'Connell for the tour. Next trip to Pensacola to see 135418, another 'Mugu" whale and the one I was a plane captain on. Thanks again guys.
Posted by DJ Stern on May 23, 2014
Thanks to Brian Connelly for taking time to get me out to see my old plane from 'Mugu". After 46 years she looks pretty good. Well done gentlemen. DJ Stern ADJ2
Posted by Billy C Chartrand on May 16, 2014
After a few years I wanted to"check-in" and read the latest posts. Sorry we lost it, hopefully it will return, really enjoyed the comments!
Posted by AWC(NAC) Raymond F. Murphy on April 23, 2014
What do you need Rob? Send me e-mail at ray.murphy@ise.bc.ca or call at 1-604-457-0521.
Posted by Frank Cogdell on April 19, 2014
Richard Whalen's membership packet has been returned. I've had no luck finding him. The last address was PO Box 140586, Staten Island, NY. Please advise if you know his status, thanks
Posted by Al Rankin on April 1, 2014
Ray is not a current active member but I show this as his email. It may or may not be current. Give it a shot. Also show him in B.C., Canada. ray@wiztronics.com
Posted by Rob Lyles on April 1, 2014
I am looking for AKCS Raymond F. Murphy. Need to talk to him. If you can help, please do so.
Posted by Will Haney on March 24, 2014
Thanks Al. I was ready to accept the blame as I can get confused easily on this machine. lol
Posted by Frank Cogdell on March 24, 2014
Brian Olds’ life membership packet has been returned to me “unable to forward.” Does anyone know of his whereabouts or health. Thanks Frank Cogdell A3 Skywarrior Association secretary
Posted by Frank Cogdell on March 24, 2014
Stephen Wegner’s life membership packet has been returned to me “unable to forward.” Does anyone know of his whereabouts or health. Thanks Frank Cogdell A3 Skywarrior Association secretary
Posted by Al Rankin on March 24, 2014
Will, It is not your fault or anything you are doing. The old "whale chat" was a third party provided service and a combination of spam, non-support, and complications led to shifting the function over directly to our regular internet service provider as a part of our regular web site features. So in effect we are sort of starting over. Unfortunately, I can't copy all of the old content or to here. At least I haven't figured out a way yet. They are still there, it just isn't linked anymore.
Posted by Will Haney on March 24, 2014
I, for some reason, can't get on the "Whale Chat"and see other comments like I did before. Is this "operator fault" or is everyone having problems?
Posted by KRETSINGER, Victor H. on March 18, 2014
Any Heavy Three Med Cruise Whalers out there?????
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