Date BuNo Type A3 A/C status Squadron Carrier Description
01-Oct-55 130359 RA-3B Pending Douglas AC at Edwards AFB   Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No data.
09-Feb-57 135437 A-3A Lost, ground collision VAH 3   Fuel starvation. (First A3 operational loss.)
14-May-57 138919 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Bon Homme Richard Ramp strike, nose high after a wave off signal. Fuselage broke at the empennage & ruptured the main fuel cell. Fire broke out as the wreckage slide off the angle deck.
19-Jun-57 135430 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 3 USS Franklin Roosevelt Carrier launch. Unable to lower port landing gear. Crew bailed out and were rescued.
06-Jul-57 138956 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 9   No write up. B5 (not defined) was in "Type of Accident" field of the AAR.

From newspaper articles sent by AT2 Seaman's daughter, 3/1/2012:

"The plane was participating in night training exercises and at the time was practicing mirror landings which the 
22-Jul-57 135417 A-3A Deck accident VAH 1 USS Forrestal Plane captain was crushed by closing bomb bay doors
12-Aug-57 138910 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Ticonderoga Struck the water following arresting gear and hook point failure. Rescued by helo plane guard.
19-Aug-57 135441 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 3 USS Franklin Roosevelt Overshot barricade
26-Sep-57 135417 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 1 USS Forrestal Ramp strike. Main mounts broke from the A-3 at ramp impact.
01-Oct-57 138936 A-3B Pending VAH 2   Lost off NAS Cubi Point. Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
06-Jan-58 138908 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Ticonderoga Ditched on cat shot
28-Jan-58 138903 A-3B Lost, ground collision Douglas Aircraft Co.   Collision with the ground 10 miles west of Barstow, CA. Cause unknown.
01-Feb-58 138954 A-3B Pending VAH 9   Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
07-Feb-58 138942 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 9 USS Saratoga Evidence of fuel contamination. A/C collision with the water.
27-Feb-58 138917 A-3B Flt deck damage/repaired VAH 2 USS Ticonderoga Unmanned, parked aircraft struck by bridle. No personnel involved.

First of three accident reports this BuNo
2-June-58 138949 A-3B inflight fire and explosion VAH-11   Following an inflight fire, pilot LCDR Ramey ordered crew to exit the aircraft via the overhead escape hatch. To avoid heavily populated areas, Ramey piloted the aircraft toward an open area. The plane exploded and broke up in flight killing Ramey. crewman Hite and Gerbis bailed out and survived
02-Aug-58 138935 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Shangri-La Overran the flight deck. Arresting gear was set for an A-1D. A/C Hit the water inverted. Canopy shattered and it is possible the pilot & BN seats may have been carried away at impact.
01-Oct-58 142245 A-3B Damaged/Repaired VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt Landing gear retracted on landing. The aircraft stopped safely on deck.
02-Oct-58 142645 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 1   B6 (not defined) in the "Type Accident" field of the AAR.
16-Oct-58 130356 EA-3A Lost, ground collision VQ 2   Only B6 (not defined) shown in the "Type Accident" field of the AAR.
04-Dec-58 142636 A-3B Lost, water collision. VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt Lost over Caribbean. 1st pass, pilot wave off, 2nd bolter. 3rd pass left wing struck deck, cross deck pendant parted & A/C struck the water. All three rescued by helos
22-Jan-59 135410 A-3A Lost at sea US Naval Missle Ctr   Unreadable
01-Mar-59 138950 A-3B Stuck in March 1959 VAH 5   Navy A3D was making an emergency landing at EFAB.

Port engine flame-out and, on long final, lost the starboard engine forcing a landing in a flat, smooth field about 400 yards short of runway 5.  No injuries.

Information and five photos from Jim Strickl
09-Mar-59 142254 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 6 USS Ranger A/C entered water in nearly level, right wing down attitude.
22-Apr-59 142643 A-3B Lost, ground collision (Lake George.) VAH 7   Water collision in Lake George.
05-May-59 138913 A-3B Lost at sea. VAH 4 USS Lexington On the 4th pass, at completion of run out, A/C rolled 60 deg left, the cable parted and the A/C fell into the water. Crew rescued by USS Hubbard whale boat.
28-May-59 130362 EA-3A Lost at sea VQ 1   Collided with the water on approach. Japanese fisherman reported red & white lights of an aircraft that flew into the ocean at a 45 deg angle. He stated there was no change in the engine sounds.
19-Jun-59 135429 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 1 USS Independence Cat shot with insuffucuent end speed. Cat was set for fuel load prior to refueling. Controlled collision with the water
30-Jun-59 142639 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 6 USS Ranger Crashed at sea on approach for landing. Aircraft was lost astern of the Ranger by CCA. Two uninflated life rafts were recovered.
22-Jul-59 142641 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt After 5 landing passes, A/C diverted to Rome due to bingo state but A/C could not be "cleaned up." Aircraft returned for 3 more passes. After 8th pass A/C was diverted but crew bail out over land. Crew recovered.
26-Aug-59 135440 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 1   Description difficult to read. Comprressor stall in a thunderstorm caused the A3 to crash.  VAH 1 CO recommended ejection seats be installed in A3s. Flying thru a thunderstorm was considered a contributing fact.
18-Sep-59 142640 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 2   Controlled collision with the ground after first striking tree tops.
27-Nov-59 144853 EA-3B Lost at sea VQ 1   ARTC Wake Island heard transmission: "Will bail out in approximately 15 minutes, unable to find Wake Island". No wreakage found
04-Jan-60 135408 A-3A Lost at sea VAH 123   Compressor stall in flight. Icing at 3000 ft.
09-Jan-60 138917 A-3B Damaged/Repaired VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt First accident report this BuNo.

Car Qual ramp strike.
06-Feb-60 138952 A-3B Damaged/Repaired VAH 9 USS Saratoga A3 was damanged when the cross deck pendant snapped. No A-3 personnel involved. The F3H pilot boltered but was lost at sea after an attempt ed ejection failed to occur. Reason unknown.
24-Feb-60 144836 RA-3B Lost at sea VAP 62   Collision with water
26-Mar-60 142642 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 2   Uncontrolled collsion with the ground.
29-Apr-60 138958 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 6 USS Ranger Aircraft launched with a jolt & could be held in level flight only with strong lest aileron and rudder.The pilot stated "The ball was hard left." The G/N discovered the tailfin had folded. Fuel was dumped & the crew bailed out. All three rescued.
18-May-60 135422 A-3A Lost, ground (lake) collision VAH 5 (tad VAH 3)   Uncontrolled collision with the water during landing. At 7 miles from touchdown A/C xmitted "May Day, fire in the cockpit" At 5.5 mile A/C txmitted "Let's speed it up" and at 4 miles A/C txmitted "Grab the fire extinguisher, see if that does any good"
07-Jun-60 138970 A-3B Lost, ground/water collision VAH 4   Attempted an aborted take off.  At the 3000 feet position on take off pilot reduced power and announced he was aborting the take off. A/C ran off the runway into 5.5 feet of water.
25-Jun-60 138975 A-3B Flt deck damage/repaired VAH 5 USS Forrestal HUP 2 struck the # 2 elevator and parts damaged the A3
26-Jul-60 138948 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 9 USS Saratoga Night carrier landing, collision with the water. Two wave offs; 3rd approach appeared normal. But the A/C struck the water 3 miles astern
29-Jul-60 144845 RA3-B Lost at sea VAP 62 USS Saratoga Collision with the water. During landing. A/C was high and fast and caught the #6 wire. The aircraft skipped & started a moderate porpoise, but appeared to have a normal arrestment. After 155 ft of deck run out, the hook point failed.
13-Aug-60 138902 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 1 USS Independence Normal touch down engaged # 4 wire & shortly after the port MLG folded causing the A/C to swerve left. It appeared stopped after the #2 elevator & then slowly rotated over the side & hung by the tail hook. BN was recovered aft of the ship. (First A-3B)
20-Aug-60 138912 A-3B Lost, water collision VAH 4 USS Ticonderoga Lost an engine during take off from NAS Cubi Point and the A/C hit the water .
14-Oct-60 144629 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 1 USS Independence Collision with bomb fragments. Crew bailed out.
01-Jan-61 000002 Non-flying Dummy BuNo VAH 2 USS Coral Sea The tractors on the Coral Sea were not heavy enough to move an A3 when the ship was rolling too much. When 142407 was moved ,the ship  rolled the plane bucked up, the tow bar parted and the a/c went over on its back into the sea.
Dummy BuNo for records.
13-Jan-61 146456 EA-3B Lost, ground collision VQ 1   Normal ASR approach. Crossed threshhold ~ 50 feet. Wave off was initiated. Left wing dropped followed by the nose and A/C collided with the ground. Taylor died in the hospital 34 minutes after crash.
27-Jan-61 138960 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 13   Normal take off. Tower modified clearance; pilot read it back incorrectly with hesitation. No further transmission from the A/C which explode on contact with the ground. Brown & Cortright TAD from VAH 7
07-Mar-61 135419 A-3A Lost, ground collision VAH 123   During landing, after a wave off for traffic, port engine fire warning light came on. 3rd seat PC reported smoke from port engine which was shut down. A/C hit a tree at the end of runway 12.
21-Mar-61 138976 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt Demo loft maneuver abeam the carrier. Pull up & bomb release appeared normal. At release A/C was at 70 deg and right hand recovery breakaway exceeded 120 deg. Nose came down in a 70 deg dive. The dive flattened but the A/C struck the water in a nose high
07-May-61 142245 A-3B Lost, land collision VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt A/C hit ramp on 1st pass.  Four more no-speed brake passes were made (2 wave offs & 2 bolters.) & then diverted. Bailed out 10 nm from Soudha Bay AB, Crete
01-Jul-61 138924 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Bon Homme Richard Collision with water. Crew abandoned aircraft.
07-Sep-61 144839 RA-3B Lost, ground collision VAP 61   Reaching for the gear handle the pilot accidentlly deployed the drag chute which would not jettison. Pilot made a semi-controlled wheels up landing. Crew exited safely from the overhead hatch
14-Sep-61 147661 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 6 USS Ranger Applying full power after a wave off the A/C struck the ramp. After a second bounce the A/C became airborne the engines ceased and the plane hit the water 1000 yds ahead of the ship. Crew escaped underwater thru the broken fuselage. Rescued in 13 minutes.
06-Oct-61 142637 A-3B Lost, ground collision (Lake George.) VAH 11   Uncontrolled crash during bomb run at Lake George. Crew made the bomb release and rolled past 90 degs and disappeared into the clouds. It was next seen in a steep dive and crashed in the lake
12-Oct-61 142648 A-3B Lost, In-flight collision & ground collison VAH 11   Mid air collision with another A-3B. BuNo 142648. 142648's radome & canopy collided with 142663's starboard side. Both planes were on an approach to land.
12-Oct-61 142663 A-3B Lost, In-flight collision & ground collison VAH 5   Mid air collision with another A-3B. BuNo 142648. 142648's radome & canopy collided with 142663's starboard side. Both planes were on an approach to land.
13-Jan-62 147668 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Coral Sea Unknown. A/C never  returned to the carrier and was never located.
15-Jan-62 142243 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 1   A/C lifted off 3-5 feet on take & settled to the deck after gear  came up. It left marks for 2150 ft before becoming airborne with right engine afire.. Escape chute mechanism failed to open. BN bailed out from overhead hatch.. A/C spun out and exploded
25-Jun-62 138962 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt Dual engine flame out. All but pilot bailed out . LCDR Dorn (CVA 42), an observer and the BN were rescued. Pilot  & 3rd CM were never recovered
24-Sep-62 142402 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 8 USS Midway On fourth pass, the A/C engaged the 4th cross deck pendant. After slowing considerably, the  cable snapped and the A/C settled in the water off the angled deck. All 3 crew members escaped and were rescued by helos.
13-Nov-62 147662 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 6 USS Ranger Medium range strike on Kahoolawe; detached buddy (A4) and aircraft failed to make scheduled time on target and then failed to return to CVA for recovery. SAR found wreakage but no crew member
20-Dec-62 142236 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Bon Homme Richard Night ramp strike on 4th pass. ZB 14 got airborne minus the tailhook &  port MLG. CVA & DEs formed V for bailout. Bailed out on down wind leg due to smoke in the cockpit from door blow-down cartridges. All rescued by the USS Robinson.
See Whale Tales for 
28-Dec-62 144626 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 5 USS Forrestal After five  landing attempts (3 bolters & 2 wave offs) the aircraft  bingoed to Alghere, Sardinia. The aircraft  switched to Alghere tower who held him on radar & IFF. The aircraft never landed.
12-Feb-63 138927 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Ticonderoga Night recovery took longer than planned. Pilot declared low fuel state. Two approaches were waved off. Hook skip on next pass. Last pass bolted & lost the nose gear. A/C orbited to set DD search screen.Crew bailed out at 6000 ft and 5 nm from CVA.
04-Mar-63 138934 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 13 USS Kitty Hawk A/C struck the ramp  & bolterd after going below the glide slope & LSO called wave off. MLG debris hit the LSO. Lost hydraulics prevent bingo to NAS Atsugi. Plane caught fire on the starboard beam. Two chutes were seen. A/C crashed 4 miles ahead of CVA
14-Mar-63 135442 A-3A Lost, water collision VAH 123   Normal flight from Kirtland AFB. Approach turned A/C 250 deg & 3000 ft. Witness heard A/C at high power & at a lower than normal altitude. A/C entered the water in steep descent 400 yds N of the ferry dock, Anacortes. Slats icing was a factor.
05-Jul-63 138907 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 10 USS Constellation A/C was returning to CVA on single engine cruise. At the 90 the starboard engine fuel flow & RPM dropped to idle. A/C bingoed to Naha. Insufficient fuel  resulted in a controlled bailout ~ 150 NM from Kadena AFB. All three bailed out.
19-Sep-63 135413 A-3A Pending NARF Alameda   Lost in Flight near NAS Alameda. Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
27-Nov-63 135426 A-3A Lost, in-flight explosion VAH 123   Smoke detected after take off. ICS, fuel & oil, MLG & flap indicators inoperatable.  Gyros tumbled and ADUs ran down. IP pull escape hatch handle. Plane exploded after 3rd CM & IP abandoned A/C
01-Dec-63 135425 NA-3A Pending NARF Norfolk   Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
12-Dec-63 147654 A-3B Lost, collision with mountain VAH 8 USS Midway On GCA to NAS Cubi Point, A/C was too far left of centerline of the runway and was waived off. It crashed at 1900 feet level of Mt Silanguin, PI. Cdr Charles Guthrie was the pilot, Lt. Ray English the BN and ATC R Marshall the CN. No survivors.
28-Jun-64 144829 RA-3B Lost, ground collision VAP 62   Crew incapacitated by hypoxia. A/C ran out of fuel at 44,000 feet and crashed.
19-Jul-64 142631 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 11 USS Franklin Roosevelt Launch from starboard catapult appeared normal. Nose rotated up slightly and went ino a smart left 30 deg bank. A/C contacted the water with this slight nose high atitude about 1.25 NM from CVA
27-Oct-64 130353 NA-3A Lost, ground collision NARF   Live parachute drop demo followed by a requested east to west low pass over the field. Contact with a transformer at 48 feet AGL plane crashed into PX. Eight ground personnel killed and 17 injured. 18 of 25 people were civilans.
27-Dec-64 142250 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Hancock Low level flight training at 1000 feet 360kts. Lt Carol. Crain in adjoining A3 noticed starboard fuel leak. A/C climbed to 300 feet and without a fire warning light, engine exploded. Crew bailed out.
08-Feb-65 138930 A-3B Lost, in-flight breakup VAH 4   A/C broke up in flight during a laydown bomb run. Heavy turbulence at low altitude. At 500 feet, 450 kts. Last transmittion at the  ten miles report. Bombing tone came on 55 secs later. It lasted 5 secs and then the A/C disintegrated in the air.
24-Feb-65 147664 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Coral Sea Fuel transfer system was lost due to hot air leak. Many unsuccessful attempts were made to correct transfer problem. A/C climbed to 13,000 feet and crew bailed out in an orderly manner. CVA 43 passenger couldn't  actuate life vest.
25-May-65 138947 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Oriskany At launch for a day combat mission, the catapult bridle hook broke  and the bridle took out the nose gear. A/C continued down the deck and over the bow. Previous wheels up landing (1/11/62) caused undedected hook fracture. LTJG Tunic was ship's company.
01-Oct-65 135414 A-3A Pending Lakehurst   Lakehurst. Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
01-Apr-66 142665 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Enterprise Cable parted. A/C nose gear collapsed & went off the deck. LT JG Kohlrusch was picked up by the helo but died.
12-Apr-66 142653 A-3B A/C missing VAH 4 USS Kitty Hawk Operating in combat zone. No emerg IFF or Mayday signals rec. No voice contact estab with missing ACFT. Peking Int'l Service, in English, commended air unit for shooting down U.S Imperalist A3B Heavy Attack plane over the air space of Luichow Peninsula
26-May-66 142257 EA-3B Repaired VQ 2   Info from Mark Swisher and Dick Dunston:
On 05/26/1966 after dark the aircraft launched from NAS Cubi Point, in the Philippines on an emergency mission to cover unusual activity going on in Vietnam. VQ-2 had 2 EA-3B's TAD operating jointly with VQ-1; they
13-Jun-66 144842 RA-3B Hit by ground fire/lost VAP 61 USS Hancock A/C hit by ground fire during night  photo mission. Crew KIA
02-Oct-66 142633 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Coral Sea Bridle shed on cat shot. The  A/C appeared to shudder & loud noise was heard on the cat shot. Bridle apparently released from port side by breaking cat hook. A/C veered to port & dropped off the bow. Partially inverted. Helo rescued crew. A/C lost.
06-Oct-66 147650 KA-3B Lost at sea VAH 2 USS Enterprise Midair with RA-5C (RVAH 7)  The KA-3B joined RA-5C on starboard wing for a section CCA penetration from marshall. During transition to landing configuration, the KA-3B hit the RA-5C's right side. The RA-5C crew successfully ejected
26-Oct-66 000001 Non-flying Dummy BuNo VAH 4 USS Oriskany LCDRs Farris and Smith died in USS Oriskany fire. (Correct date from Gregg Farris.)

Dummy BuNo for records.
03-Nov-66 146458 EA-3B Lost at sea VQ 2 USS Independence Pilot reported departing marshall at 220deg from CVA 62 , FL 190 at 2023. No other radio contact was made. Aircraft apparently collided with the water. CCA could not track the plane due to numerous radar targets in the area.
15-Nov-66 144830 RA-3B Lost at sea VAP 61   Could not transfer or dump wing fuel. One engine was secured at FL 400. At 2108 hrs descending thru FL 360, pilot reported 1400# of fuel. Crew bailed out at 6000 feet. No chutes sited; BN rescued five hrs later.
08-Mar-67 144627 A-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Kitty Hawk The aircraft did not return for recovery from a combat mining mission  near Kien Giang River
15-Mar-67 138952 A-3B Lost, ground collision NAF China Lake   Stall, spin at low altitude
05-Apr-67 138917 A-3B Lost, ground collision VAH 123   Instrument check flight from NAS Miramar to NAS Whidbey Island.  Flight was in the clouds at FL 180. Hand off from Oakland Center not received  by Seattle Center. A/C lost.
27-Jul-67 142658 KA-3B Lost at sea VAH 4 USS Oriskany Dual flame out at high altitude in precipitation. Starboard engine then port engine flamed out. Escape hatch fired by pilot  with order to bailout.
25-Aug-67 144835 RA-3B Lost at sea VAP 62 (tad VAP 61)   The aircraft failed to return from night infrared recon combat mission. The last report was "Cleared feet wet."  Crew was TAD to VAP 61 in Guam.
14-Oct-67 144844 RA-3B Lost at sea VAP 61   Struck by ground fire during day photo recon. Pilot declared 'feet wet' & crashed 10 miles from the coast. All bailed out; only Moser was recovered. (AAR is blank, marked classified) 12/05/05: Added Shaw from email info.
21-Oct-67 142655 KA-3B Lost, ground/water collision VAH 4 USS Oriskany Four unit JATO take off normal at JATO firing. Debris flew to the starboard & forward of the A/C which veered of the run way. Pilot lifted off with 142 kts IAS. Rt engine  lost power.  Ditch with 15 deg nose up.  Cabin disintegrated . Crew thrown free
03-Nov-67 147653 KA-3B Lost at sea VAH 8 USS Constellation Ninty feet down the flight deck the bridle separated from A/C which then left the angled deck wings level, nose slightly low striking the water abeam the bow.
01-Jan-68 144847 RA3-B Lost, ground collision VAP 61   NAS Cubi Point. Night recon. A single entry, a hand written note in AAR said "pilot Dennison."

Member input:
"Cubi to Oriskany, hit by ground fire over n. viet., made it 30 to sea, went in - no survivors. Crew: Dennison, Hanley,  Herrin?"
16-Mar-68 146454 EA-3B Landed safely VQ 2   Entering the Ramstein AFB landing pattern the aircraft experienced an inboard slat malfunction and became unstable. Backend crew bailed out; the pilot then gained control of the A/C and landed safely.
01-Apr-68 138921 KA-3B Pending VAH 2   Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No other data.
07-Apr-68 147666 EKA-3B Landed safely VAW 13 USS Constellation During night carquals A/C did 3 uncontrolled snap rolls. During 2nd roll Pilot called bailout but recovered on the 3rd roll, landing safely at NAS Miramar flaming out on roll out.
The E/N had blown the O/H hatch, bailed out and rescued by the helo.
See Wh
04-Jun-68 142670 EA-3B Lost, ground collision VQ 2   At take off, gear were raised and flight appeared normal to 600 feet altitude. A/C commenced descent & impacted open wheat field 7800 ft from the end of the runway.
24-Jul-68 138937 KA-3B Lost at sea VAH 123 USS Coral Sea Night carquals for FRP. A/C was direct to get below the wx by Marshall Control to 800 feet. Radar & radio contact was lost shortly thereafter. Presumed to crash at sea.
20-Aug-68 144828 RA-3B Landed safely VAP 61   At 25,000 A/C went out of control in a near vertical attitude. Pilot appeared to be blacked out. Lindbloom blew the chute, activated bailout alarm and left the A/C with 1 other. Pilot regained control at 10,000 and returned to DaNang. Lindbloom not found.
03-Oct-68 138972 KA-3B Lost at sea, in-flight collision VAH 10 USS Independence F4J joined to refuel. Shortly after F4 maneuvered to parade position. Effecting departure, the F4  & KA3 collided. F4 recovered at NAF Sigonellla; KA3 canopy had sufficient damage  so that the crew  had to bailed out.
24-Oct-68 138961 KA-3B Damaged/repaired VAH 123   Main and nose gear retracted while parked. Line trouble shooter Zelk was pinned under the aircraft.
04-Dec-68 138909 KA-3B Lost at sea VAQ 132 USS Enterprise One third the way down the deck the bridle disengaged, the nose gear and wheel rose  & exploded. The A/C left the bow nose down impacting the water.
18-Feb-69 138943 KA-3B Lost at sea VAH 10 USS Coral Sea Collided with water on night TACAN penetration.. There was an unsuccessful fuel consolidation with 2nd KA3;  Drogue was streaming fuel. APC lost contact  at 10.5 nm
01-Apr-69 144837 RA-3B Pending VAP 62   Lost in flight at NAS Jax. Listed in Aerograph 5 as lost. No data.
08-Aug-69 144826 RA 3B Lost, ground collision VAP 61   Fuel transfer problems & dual flame out resulted in bailout. White & Overton landed normally on the ground. Brock & Berry were hung up in trees.
01-Jan-70 144851 EA-3B Damaged/repaired VQ 2 USS Franklin Roosevelt EA-3B was forced to divert to NAS Sigonella due to water spouts in front of the USS Roosevelt CV-42, upon arrival to Sigonella the aircraft encountered a 65+ crosswind landing with near-predictable results. Aircraft was basically blown off the runway on l
18-Feb-70 138940 KA-3B Unknown VAH 123   FCLP - At wave off point from simulated single engine GCA, A/C swerved right and struck the ground nose down.
26-Feb-70 144851 EA-3B Lost at sea VQ 2 USS Franklin Roosevelt ACFT failed to obtain flying speed on catapult shot launch form USS Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA 42) and crashed into water directly ahead of the ship.
16-May-70 142657 EKA-3B Lost at sea VAQ 135 USS Coral Sea NAS Cubi Point. Divert to Da Nang. Fuel depletion possible.
04-Jul-70 142400 EKA-3B Lost at sea VAQ 132 USS America Overshot approach. Drag chute deploy and A/C ditched. All crew survived.
07-Aug-70 142252 EKA-3B Lost, ground collision VAQ 131   Crashed in Colorado on flight from Buckley AFB to NAS Alameda. Uncontrolled pitchup during level off in clouds at FL 240
01-Feb-71 142659 EKA-3A Unknown VAQ 129 USS Hancock Explosion and fire in the bomb bay.
18-Jun-71 147649 EKA-3B Lost at sea VAQ 130 USS Oriskany A/C entered into a flight maneuver at FL 200 and then they fell, crashing into the water with approximate 45 deg low attitude.
10-Oct-72 138968 EA-3B Lost, ground collision VAQ 33   Flight from NAS Norfolk - NAS Pensacola. Requested to cancel his flight plan & return to base ASAP. A/C dove & crashed. Haushalter's  parachute opened but he didn't survive.
29-Oct-72 142649 EKA-3B Lost/ ground collision NARU Alameda   Shortly after take off the aircraft ceased to accelerate & crashed to the ground. Neynaber was VAQ 308
21-Jan-73 142634 EKA-3B Lost at sea VAQ-130 USS Ranger The Skywarrior was lost as it was being launched at night as a tanker sortie from the USS Ranger about 100 miles east of Vinh. As the aircraft was travelling down the catapult there was an explosion and sparks were seen to come from the starboard engine. The aircraft pitched nose down and left the ship at a very slow speed and crashed into the sea. All three crewmen were lost in the accident.This was the last of the 20 A-3s lost in Southeast Asia during the war
27-Aug-73 144861 TA3-B Lost, ground collision RVAH 3   Crashed approaching NAS Albany, GA. Hot oil leak. Number 1 engine failed following takeoff passing through 5000 ft. Crew bailed out.
19-Sep-73 144855 EA-3B Lost at sea VQ 1   Enroute NAS Agana to NAS Cubi Pt. With no compass system, using DR navigation and vectors around weather, the aircraft became lost & requested HF D/F fix /steer. Crew bail out and rescued by JMSDF.
08-Mar-74 142257 EA-3B Lost at sea. VQ 2 USS America CVA recon mission. Arrestment of #1 cross deck pendant appeared normal for 190' until CDP separated. A/C left angled deck impacting nose high. All crew escaped through upper hatch and rescued by helo.
09-Jul-74 144863 TA-3B Lost, ground collision VQ 2   Enroute Naples to Rota. Crashed during take off 1.5 nm from the end of the runway. The aircraft rolled to a 30 deg climbing turn. Nose fell as angle of bank continued to increase past fully inverted until impact.
10-Sep-77 142659 EKA-3B Lost, ground/water collision VAQ 308   Aborted take off at NAS Alameda.  At 3500 ft. drag chute deployed and streamed. The tail hook was lowered. Tire marks extended for 4000'. A/C left run way and impacted harbor waters nose down.
26-Jan-80 138929 KA-3B Lost, ground collision NATC   Tanker support for F/A 18A test and F14 chase A/C. Requested practice PAR approach. A/C disappeared from the radar screen. A-3 impacted cornfield and disintegrated.
17-Aug-80 000003 Non-flying Dummy BuNo VQ 2   Airman Harrison was killed on the flight deck during maintenance checks on BuNo 146454. Dummy BuNo for records.
04-Aug-82 146450 EA-3B Lost at sea VQ 1 USS Ranger Lost in the Indian Ocean. Overdue for recovery. Eval recovered uninjured.
23-Jan-85 142672 VA-3B Lost at sea VQ 1   Aircraft was lost from NAS Atsugi radar enroute descent to NAS Agana, Guam on a repositioning flight from NAF Atsugi
25-Jan-87 144850 EA-3B Lost, water collision VQ 2 USS Nimitz ESM mission. A/C impacted the water after an unsuccessful barricade arrestment. Craig Rudolf NAVSECGRU  Athens & Patrick Price NSG/NCS Rota were passengers.
26-Jun-87 144854 EA-3B DestroyedLost, ground collision VQ 1   FCLP- Aircraft impacted the ground after turjing downwind subsequent to take off.
16-Nov-87 138925 KA-3B Landed safely VAQ 33   Midair collision with ERA-3B BuNo 144827 during formation flight.

138925 recovered after lossing one engine.
16-Nov-87 144827 ERA-3B Lost at sea VAQ 33   Midair collision withKA-3B BuNo 138925 during formation flight.
13-Jan-88 147665 KA-3B Lost VAK 208   1) Aircraft on low level route collided with surface of the lake.

4) LA Tme Feb. 17, 1988 article:
The State
February 17, 1988
The body of one of three missing crew members missing since a U.S. Navy jet crashed in Nevada last month has been recover