The purpose of this association is to provide a continuing fraternal-social affiliation of individuals who have flown in or foster, encourage, and support the memory of the A-3 "Skywarrior" aircraft, and who are dedicated to the perpetuation of the legend, history, traditions, and camaraderie associated with the A-3. 


2022 Board of Directors

President...                                  Bryan Johnson
Vice President ...                         John Anayannis
Secretary...                                  Bob Winter
Treasurer...                                  Tom Brennan
Asst. Treasurer...                         Andy Niemyer
Museum Officer...                       Bernard Garner
Registrar...                                  Tom Maxwell

Past A-3 Skywarrior Association board members
Al Rankin, 1998-2022, president
Mark Swisher, 1998-2020, treasurer
Frank Cogdell, 1998-2020, secretary
Frank Cogdell, 2020-2022, secretary and treasurer
Gary Meyers, 2008-2022, museum liaison
Jack Taylor, 2001-2008, vice president
Ken Ballard, 2001-2008, asst. secretary
Wayne Musgrove, 2005-2006, asst. secretary
John Herndon, 2005-2014, resource officer
Ralph Estes III, 2011-2015, member at large



A registered 501 (c) 3 non profit organization
founded 1/20/1998